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Do you pep-talk your children with boring advices? If so, then you probably have noticed that it doesn't work at all. Either your child gets sleep or he/she runs away. If you really want to nurture his mind with good thoughts, you need to be sprightly and smart. You need something that can entertain your child as well as offers inspiration.

This is where Funny Inspirational Quotes comes into play. They are funny yet they offer inspiration. They have double impact. First, they are funny. So your child and you both enjoy them and your child will not get bored and run away. Secondly, they teach your child important lessons about life. Thus they nurture his/her mind with good thoughts which in turn helps him/her grow as a confident individual.

The mind of child is absolutely fascinating. He has no preconceived ideas about life and the world around him. The thoughts and beliefs that enter into child's mind will decide his personality. Therefore, if you want your child to grow as a confident, you have to nurture his mind with positive and motivational thoughts from very beginning.

The deadly combination of fun and inspiration in Funny Inspirational Quotes definitely nurture your child's mind with positive and motivational thoughts as well as burst both you and your child into laughter. And it won't make you come across as a boring adult who pep-talk children with dreary advice.

Below are some of my favorite Funny Inspirational Quotes about life which I share and discuss with my children regularly. I hope you would like them.

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