Tapestries of Tattoo Designs - Celtic Tattoos

Tattoos are everywhere! There is seemigly no limit to the variety of decorative & unique tattoo designs being sported by people from all walks of life. Movie stars, musicians, doctors, the guy next door - everyone seems to have discovered the ancient practice of 'inking' yourself with body art. People will get a tattoo for different reasons. For some, it is a tribal custom which dates back hundreds or even thousands of years.

For others, it is a message to send to the world about something or someone. And for still others, it is simply a decorative addition to their physical self - an enhancement to the image they wish to project to the world around them. Of all the tattoo categories, none stands out more in impact & intricacy than the Celtic tattoo! Said with a hard 'c' (as in 'Keltic'), these tattoos can be described as the 'tapestries' of the tattoo world. No other tattoo ideas can rival it in beauty or complexity, and when viewed by other people they become an instant conversation topic as they marvel at the flowing lines and subtle weavings of this tattoo design.

Celtic TattoosCeltic Tattoos

The term 'Celts' is given to a proud and fearsome collection of tribal people who occupied areas of Europe and the British isles around Roman times. They fought battles early on with the Romans themselves, and later with other powers including the early English. Their fervor in armed conflict was the stuff of legends, and their tradition of fighting battles whilst displaying intimidating body art instilled fear into the hearts of their enemies. As the Celts were conquered, and often to appease their increasingly Christian masters, elaborate crosses began to appear in their tattoo designs, and this now persists to modern times. Celtic tattoos often contain crosses as a central element, although there are often other themes such as knots, triangles and almost-floral murals, with the image seeming to flow within itself. They are a truly unique tattoo, and they require a skilled professional to apply them properly!

Celtic TattoosCeltic Tattoos

People who decide to get this type of tattoo will sometimes follow the old Celtic tradition, starting with something relatively small. This small image is then added to with further tattoos over time, with the resulting ultimate masterpiece covering quite large areas of the body and having taken a few years to assemble. It is one of the few tattoos which is commonly worn on the neck, and is also worn commonly on the upper arm or shoulder, lower leg or foot, as well as larger artwork on the chest or back.

Celtic TattoosCeltic Tattoos

As previously mentioned, these incredible tattoos are complex and intricate in nature, and require the talents of a skilled artist to apply properly. Celtic tattoos also 'age' extremely well, and look just as striking on someone in their sixties as on someone in their twenties. However, they are somewhat rarer than most traditional tattoos, mainly because of the difficulty in finding someone who can apply them, and also the expense that is associated with this. Nevertheless, a well-inscribed Celtic tattoo is an fascinating addition to your persona, and will delight and intrigue those who see them for as long as you live!

Celtic TattoosCeltic Tattoos

Finding the perfect Celtic tattoo could be a long process! One of the best methods is to become a member of an online tattoo site, which offers thousands of designs and tools where the images can be blended together for a truly unique tattoo design! Furthermore, support is offered through forums detailing the experiences of other, as well as directories of reputable parlors & artists with the required skills to apply this beautiful tattoo.

Article by: David Hooke

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